A bit about us....

The long hand of government intervention in the lives of Indigenous people has too often smothered Indigenous initiative, leadership and responsibility. Cape York Partnership is an Indigenous organisation that has stood up to lead a comprehensive reform agenda to turn this on its head. We want to ensure that Indigenous rights and responsibility exist in proper balance, and Indigenous people are truly enabled to be the masters of their own exciting destinies.

Cape York Partnership believes economic engagement is central to individual and social wellbeing. To that end, we partner with governments, corporates and philanthropists to encourage the emergence of a prosperous yet distinctly Indigenous people, whose children can orbit between communities and the Australian and global world and enjoy the best of both.

Our touchstone is our partnership with individuals, families and communities as they strive for lives of value, freedom and prosperity. We believe in the potential of all people. We place our children’s rights to a better future at the forefront. Above all, Cape York Partnership takes, and expects from our partners, responsibility for leading positive change.